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Explicit teaching with innovation, movement, creativity and passion.



Why not visit the Academy of Science or the Marine Mammal Center when studying science, Museum of Modern Art for art, The Disney Museum for film inspiration, Mount Tamalpais for ecology, the Silicon Valley for computer history and coding….

    Why spend all day with the same teacher and classmates when with a little innovation and movement, students can rotate through a custom curriculum with mixed age classrooms, a learning center for independent and small group instruction and enrichment activities both on and off campus?

    Why run circles on the blacktop for physical education, when actives such as parkour, gymnastics, swimming, biking, hip hop and ballet are offered locally and can take place during regular school hours?

    The Think Tank International Academy’s campus’ location in Southern Marin is within a 30 min bus ride to the Pacific Ocean, Mt. Tamalpais and San Francisco. 

Centrally located in Southern Marin, TTT plans to take advantage of all of the Bay Area resources and activities with two school shuttle buses linking TTT to all that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. 

  • Motor Skills, Movement, and Math Performance Are Intertwined

    Study identifies a correlation between motor-enriched learning and mathematics. Psychology Today Posted Feb 10, 2017 Learning mathematics while engaging the full body through physical movement can improve math performance for first graders, according to a…

Motor Skills, Movement, and Math Performance Are Intertwined
  • What is Explicit Teaching?

    Explicit teaching is an instructional strategy used by teachers to meet the needs of their students and engage them in unambiguous, clearly articulated teaching. Teachers plan for explicit teaching to make clear connections to curriculum…

Explicit Teaching


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