Real Feedback From TTT Academy Members

"I was able to learn endless amounts of knowledge from Alec and Nick."


"Alec is an incredible teacher and mentor, and an even better trader. I am honoured to be a part of his family (not a group)"


"The 1 on 1 lessons are worth every single penny that you pay and I promise that you will get your money's worth." 


"Alec’s commitment to his students, passion for teaching, and dedication to the principles of TTT, provides the perfect environment to flourish, not only in the art of technical analysis, but as a disciplined trader. His focus on community and active learning is the reason for TTT’s knowledge driven and motivational atmosphere."


"I haven't met anyone else with the patience and teaching skills that these admins have! I love this group!"


"If you find yourself struggling in trading I highly recommend the 1 on 1's."


"You can describe your experience to Alec and he will take it from there with a personalized teaching plan."


"Book yourself a lesson ASAP! TTT Academy taught me so much in a short amount of time! The admins explain everything in the easiest way possible and make sure you are following along. One of the only times in my life I've been excited for homework." 


"Big thanks to all the admins at TTT Academy for being as welcoming as possible, and special thanks to Alec for being 100% with me and helping me work on my trading psychology."